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Stunning Pagani Zonda C12S For Sale

After disappearing for several years this legendary Zonda is back into the open.

Built in 2002, this Zonda C12S 7.0 is very special for several reasons. The main feature of this car is the color, this is the only Zonda built (until the beginning of Zonda F production) with two-tone bodywork and painted in orange. Only two Zonda’s have been produced with this particular shade of orange, this one and the Zonda F Prototype 0. Stunning Pagani Zonda C12S For Sale

The cockpit is characterized by black leather and it features several carbon fiber inserts. In addition, this car presents other unique details, such as a carbon fiber panel signed by Horacio Pagani and a unique arrangement of logos in the rear, the Pagani logo which is usually placed at the base of the two spoiler, here is mounted on the right grid while the Zonda logo is located on the left grid.

Stunning Pagani Zonda C12S For Sale

But the most important feature of this car is that it is one of the few C12-S produced to be equipped with the Racing Kit, which is basically what was the Club Sport package for the Zonda F. This kit includes adjustable Ohlins suspension, ABS, ASR, the Engine Start button located on the shift knob, carbon fiber intake manifold with a new filter and a more powerful exhaust. All of this increases the engine power from 550 HP up to 600 HP.

Stunning Pagani Zonda C12S For Sale

Maybe some of you remember this Zonda as Richard Hammond’s favorite car, in fact it appeared in a very famous episode of the British program Top Gear, where it was driven for 1000 km through beautiful French landscapes.

Stunning Pagani Zonda C12S For Sale
Many of you know that lately many “old” Zonda’s have been converted to newer models like F, Cinque or 760. This is probably one of the last opportunities to buy a C12-S completely original, it would be a real shame seeing this car converted in the umpteenth “special” model as happened to so many other car. This stunning masterpiece is now for sale with only 12,900 Km recorded on the odometer, if you are interested in further information do not hesitate to contact me at: [email protected]

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