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RevoZport Lamborghini Huracan Razmig sieht Bonkers

Even though we first heard about this car over a month ago, this is actually the best look we’ve had at the 700 PS RevoZport Huracan ‘Razmig’. It’s one of the most aggressive Lambos you might ever lay your eyes on. RevoZport Lamborghini Huracan Razmig sieht Bonkers

 As you know, RevoZport isn’t exactly the type of tuning company that will keep its hands to itself when it comes to changing your car’s appearance and upgrading its performance. Of course, in most cases that’s a really good thing, as it allows for projects like this one to come to fruition.

While this Huracan doesn’t have a mind-boggling 1,000 HP or anything of that nature, it’s still alarmingly powerful and most of all, it’s arguably just as aggressive as any other Huracan out there.

In fact, the only Huracan that’s even more menacing from a visual stand point is probably the Mansory Trofeo, but feel free to point out any other versions of this car that might top this “list”.

RevoZport Lamborghini Huracan Razmig sieht Bonkers

As far as what you can see, the Razmig kit consists of a front splitter, canard and fender vent, a side intake vent, side skirts, GT spoiler and either a simple rear diffuser or a rear diffuser with active panel tech.

If you go for the latter, this car will cost you roughly $17,180 – and that’s just to get it looking the way it does. Plus, you also get to rid the Huracan of around 100 kg (220 lbs) of excess weight.

RevoZport Lamborghini Huracan Razmig sieht Bonkers

Performance-wise, we’re dealing with 700 PS in total, which like we said before isn’t mind-blowing, but it will still turn this baby Lambo into a formidable foe when it comes to straight line acceleration. The Huracan is already a very fast car when getting off the line, and that’s without the extra 90 PS, weight reduction and custom exhaust.

To be fair though, we would be surprised if some of you guys found this car to be a little bit too “in your face”. Would a different color help?   By: Carscoops

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