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50 Cents Pontiac G8

50 Cent’s modified Pontiac G8 is on display at the SEMA show this year. 50 Cent’s Pontiac G8 was built by Unique Autosports owned by Will Castro. This modified Pontiac G8 is powered by an LSX 427 engine dyno-tested to more than 500 horsepower.


50 Cents Pontiac G8
50 Cents Pontiac G8


Pontiac Press Release:


With lyrics that don’t pull punches and themes that are brutally honest, rapper 50 Cent (a.k.a. Curtis Jackson) has risen to the top of the hip hop scene. He’s also a passionate car enthusiast with a penchant for Pontiacs – his video for the song “Amusement Park” featured the G6 GXP and G8 concept cars.

50 Cents Pontiac G8

Now, 50 Cent has teamed up with Pontiac and New York-based tuner to the stars, Will Castro, and his shop, Unique Autosports (the same shop featured on the television show “Unique Whips”), to build a one-of-a-kind G8 performance sedan. It debuted at the 2007 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

“Partnering with Pontiac has given me the opportunity to create something truly unique –
a customized performance vehicle I am really proud of,” said 50. “The G8 is like none other and it pushes the boundaries of what people think a car has to be.”

50 Cents Pontiac G8

The new G8 – which goes on sale nationally in early 2008 – is totally customized, with custom paint and exterior appointments, as well as a re-trimmed interior outfitted with an audio system that shakes the ground as much as 50 Cent’s three albums shook up the charts.

The car is powered by an LSX 427 engine dyno-tested to more than 500 horsepower and assembled only with components available from the GM Performance Parts catalog or GM Parts. By: zercustomer

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