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1971 Ausweichen Herausforderer V8 HEMI RT 528

Today’s featured car is this perfect 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Plum Crazy 528 HEMI V8 5 Speed. It’s price is around $90,000 and available at RK Motors Charlotte. Here’s the full text from RK Motors Charlotte.

1971 Ausweichen Herausforderer V8 HEMI RT 528

Take one glance at this Dodge Challenger’s wet-look Plum Crazy Purple exterior and it’s obvious that the cars top-notch restoration was both thorough and expensive. Take two or three minutes to look down the sides of this rock solid Dodge Challenger and you’ll find exact angles and flawless reflections which set it apart from all but it’s most extensively restored peers.

Take an hour to visually examination this highly detailed Mopar and you’ll notice that the accent line which runs from nose to tail is expertly paralleled and caps straight quarters that have been painstakingly finished to provide a near flawless canvas for the cars slick, high quality basecoat/clearcoat paint.

1971 Ausweichen Herausforderer V8 HEMI RT 528

Naturally, a pristine Dodge Challenger like this can back up as much Mopar attitude as its owner cares to provide; and this Dodge Challenger looks excellent decked out in traditional Trans Am hardware that includes fresh black side stripes, an aggressive flat black hood and a smooth, flat black duck tail spoiler. Today this Dodge Challenger is a highly appealing, purpose built muscle car that conveys a sense of power and precision.

1971 Ausweichen Herausforderer V8 HEMI RT 528

Wearing lines from same designer who was made famous by the awesome 1966 Dodge Charger, this purple and black Dodge Challenger makes a bold styling statement from virtually every angle. Up front, a tough looking split grille hangs a showroom fresh “Dodge” emblem inside of four showroom fresh headlights and well maintained stainless trim.

Below that grille, a body width chrome bumper hangs above clear parking lights and a Trans Am style chin spoiler; and above that grille, new hood pins sit in front of bright “Hemi” hood emblems. Behind the hood, like-new glass is bordered by excellent looking stainless trim which combines with new chrome drip rails and excellent looking chrome sport mirrors to frame a fresh black stickers-43-c.asp” target=”_blank”>vinyl top. And at the sides of the car, prominent fender lines are complemented by new stainless wheel well trim, flush satin finish door handles and a pristine chrome fuel cap.

Just behind the front tires high mounted “Dodge Challenger” scripts serve to intimidate would-be stoplight competition, and just in front of the rear tires, body-matched louvers add to the cars aggressive Trans Am looks. At the back of the car, a stainless trimmed rear valence holds showroom fresh tail lights and a third “Dodge Challenger” script inside a black tail light panel. And a second chrome bumper hangs built in bumper guards above a sculpted roll pan which incorporates awesome quad outlet stainless steel exhaust tips.

1971 Ausweichen Herausforderer V8 HEMI RT 528

Big blocks were still on the menu in 1971, but they were NOTHING like the badass mill under this Challengers flat black hood. Fitting snug and looking sharp in this cars Plum Crazy Purple engine bay is a dyno tuned 528 cubic inch Indy Cylinder Heads Street Legend HEMI that produces a 10.25 to 1 compression ratio and 650 horsepower straight out of the box.

The fully worked 528 Street Legend package comes with an 850cfm Mighty Demon carburetor, an MSD Pro-Billet distributor, MSD Super Conductor wires, Indy 426 cast iron heads, an Indy 426 intake, an MP 4340 crank, Eagle H-beam rods, Wiseco pistons, a Comp Cams hydraulic cam, Comp Cams hydraulic lifters and a Milodon oil pan. But wait, there’s more; at the top of the purple engine, a K&N air filter sits above braided fuel lines for the Demon carburetor and pre-requisite Indy valve covers.

At the sides of the engine, custom fabricated and ceramic coated long tube headers hide under a polished SSBC master cylinder and hoses for the cars Vintage Air climate control system. And at the front of the engine a March serpentine system spins billet pulleys and a chrome alternator below fresh hoses and a new belt.

1971 Ausweichen Herausforderer V8 HEMI RT 528

Turn the switch and an Optima gel cell battery sparks an MSD Blaster 2 coil and MSD 6AL ignition to spring the engine to life; and a Be Cool aluminum radiator utilizes two Spal electric fans to keep everything cool and in check. Although much of it is hidden under the massive Indy Hemi, this cars entire engine bay is exceptionally well done. You can easily see that the paint on the inner fenders is as good as the finish on a lot of cars’ bodies and virtually every accessory has been detailed in aftermarket billet and stainless to add a nice, finished look. For more on worldtuningfans

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