Larte schwarzer Kristall in Moskau

Passionate drivers hate traffic jams – but they will love this “traffic gem” called Larte Black Crystal, which has been photographed in Moscow’s golden autumn weather. And of course this name wasn’t chosen to support a play of words but with good reason.

Larte schwarzer Kristall in Moskau

 “Macroscopic single crystals are usually identifiable by their geometrical shape, consisting of flat faces with specific, characteristic orientations”, says the encyclopedia. The Larte Black Crystal which is based on the superior Mercedes GL-Class is featuring a brilliant “crystalline” ornamentation, a unique geometry and an exceptional character.

Larte schwarzer Kristall in Moskau

The Larte-designed front bumper shows prongs, edges, boomerang-shaped elements, exposed carbon inserts and a number of air inlets all together leave a very bold impression. The tail, with its air inlets and the diffuser-look element in contrasting black, is also extremely sporty.

But the highlight are the matt-black carbon-lined tailpipes, the “spearhead” of a Larte exhaust system making a lot of noise. Visually corresponding carbon trims also adorn the adjacent ventilation outlets of the rear wheel wells. As on the front axle, 22’’ forged rims are used here, with 305 tires. The wheels’ matt-black finish perfectly matches the black paint of the car. All in all: Riding this “gem”, nothing will jam positive emotions!
By: luxuriousmagazine

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