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Aston Martin DB10 in Virginia

When you think of James Bond and his bespoke Aston Martin DB10, you think of places like Monte Carlo, or Lake Como. What doesn’t spring to mind is the United States and southern state of Virginia. But since the car is on a tour of the world these days, that’s where it has ended up.  Aston Martin DB10 in Virginia

This Aston Martin DB10, one of the ten units produced for the latest Bond flick SPECTRE, went on display at the Exclusive Automotive Group in Vienna, Virginia. What’s particularly interesting about this car is that it has a few dents and chips on it – proof that it was indeed used in the film.

Aston Martin DB10 in Virginia

That makes it rather special. We have a sneaking suspicion Aston is showing off this car around the world to create a lot of hype about it before they announce they want to auction if off.

Underneath that not very pretty but still handsome – kind of like Daniel Craig himself, actually – appearance, Aston Martin DB10 is a V12 Vantage with a 570 horsepower V12 engine which takes the car from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, riding a wave of orgasmic, machine gun-like exhaust note.

Aston Martin DB10 in Virginia

The top speed is 205 mph. So this is a real Bond car that you can actually use because it’s a real car under the skin. It’s not just some useless movie prop. By: motorward

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