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One-Of-A-Art Ferrari 250 GT Drogo Pops für Auktion

This gorgeous looking beast, which kind of looks similar to the legendary 250 GTO, started life as a 250 TR that underwent a thorough revision through Drogo’s hands. If the name Drogo sounds familiar, then you’re probably accustomed to the coachbuilder’s iconic products, including the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan and the noses of the Ferrari 250 LM and Pprototypes (or you watched too much Game Of Thrones).
One-Of-A-Art Ferrari 250 GT Drogo Pops für Auktion

The car’s original aluminum body was commissioned in 1964 and was mounted on a Ferrari 250 TR chassis – a very desirable car that skyrocketed in price, reaching millions of dollars. In fact, Piero Drogo removed the car’s original 6-carb engine to put it into…something else, rebodied it into an aluminum GTO –like Ferrari- andinstalled a 250 GT-spec powerplant. And in that guise, with this exact body mated with the Testa Rossa chassis, the car won multiple racing events in its day.
One-Of-A-Art Ferrari 250 GT Drogo Pops für Auktion
But it’s tumultuous history continued even in modern times, as its Testa Rossa chassis was taken away to be remade in the standard-spec it left the factory, while the Drogo aluminum body was mated to a 250 GT Chassis. These are just a few reasons why the car is being auctioned with a starting price of “only” €500,000 ($560,000) by Auctionata.

Still, the car is in perfect condition, ready to drive or race – as its description states. It also has a 3,953 cc engine developing 300 horses and it’s as rare as a Ferrari can get. So, if you have at least €1,000,000 – 1,400,000 ($1,120,000 – 1,568,000) lying around, you can probably get it, because that’s how much it’s expected to fetch. By: CarsCoops

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