Lamborghini Huracan with Liberty Walk Body Kit and Fi Exhaust Has Extreme Asian Flavor

As usual, we love bringing you answers to questions nobody asked – have you ever wondered what happens when the extremely extrovert Lamborghini Huracan falls into the hands of Japanese tuners who like to redefine the notion of “extreme”?

The answer comes from the Huracan in the video below. As if the V10 Raging Bull weren’t wide enough in standard form, the supercar was gifted with a fat body kit coming from Liberty Walk.

Lamborghini Huracan with Liberty Walk Body Kit and Fi Exhaust Has Extreme Asian Flavor

We are talking about a Japanese tuner whose international operations have exploded over the last few years. We don’t even have to tell you too many details about them, as their kits, which are instantly recognizable, speak for themselves.

There’s just one more thing we’ll mention, though – if you wish to install one of the body kits, you should know it involves fender-cutting operations.

A Taiwanese aftermarket developer also joined the project, with Fi Exhaust strapping one of their custom systems to this Huracan. In standard form, the Huracan’s exhaust easily imitates a machine gun on the engine overrun phase, but the tuner felt the need for more.

What does it all mean?

We’re usually not big fans of tuning projects that rely more on the show than they do on the go. However, this can be considered an exception.

Come to think of it, the Lamborghini Huracan is considerably more about the show than anything else, so we can’t blame these tuners for exaggerating a tendency the Italian carmaker came up with.

Sure, the Lamborghini Huracan is definitely not the sharpest car to drive in its segment. However, the story of the Gallardo replacement isn’t all about drawbacks. Far from it. As we discovered during our Huracan review, this is the first model in Lamborghini’s history that can be driven on a daily basis, albeit with a few efforts. We’re not quite sure this also applies to the Huracan in the video below though. By: autoevolution

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