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Ist dies das amerikanischste Auto der Welt?

All American cars should have a paint job like this.

The last iteration of the Ford Mustang is a true American muscle car, but the owner of this vehicle wanted to make that more apparent with an awesome heat-sensitive color-changing paint job.

Ist dies das amerikanischste Auto der Welt?

When looking at the vehicle in normal conditions, the Mustang sports a dull paint job, but comes to life with the help of some warm water.

Ist dies das amerikanischste Auto der Welt?

The water reveals a faded American flag with stars and stripes on hood, while the passenger side of the vehicle showcases the Ford Mustang running horse emblem. As a tribute to the Mustang, this vehicle is aptly referred to as “Hidalgo.”

We’ve seen this type of paint before, but this is Rene Turrek’s first attempt with an American muscle car and we think he did a stellar job. This may be the most American car in the world. By: Carbuzz

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