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Orange und schwarzer Ferrari FXX stürzt in Monza ab

A black and orange Ferrari FXX was recently crashed at a Ferrari event at the famed Italian Monza racetrack earlier in the month.

Orange und schwarzer Ferrari FXX stürzt in Monza ab

Details about the crash aren’t known with a handful of images, collated into the above video, the only evidence of the crash. While it isn’t known just what happened to the FXX, it seems apparent that it skidded off the race track, through the grass (as evidenced by the grass stuck in the front bumper) and ultimately into a crash barrier.

Thankfully for the owner, the damage doesn’t seem too bad. The only damage visible in the images is the expensive carbon fibre front bumper and splitter which will certainly have to be replaced. Additionally, one of the front quarter panels has suffered some severe trauma as have the side skirts and the driver’s side of the rear wing which has been severely scratched.

Considering that the FXX has a theoretical top speed of 400 km/h, we’d say that the car got off quite lightly and should be swiftly repaired by the automaker. By: GtSpirit

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