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Do Want: Ferrari FF Off-road

Ferrari has said repeatedly and sharply that they are not going to enter the SUV market, never ever. That said, a while ago news emerged that they have been flirting with this idea for some time and even produced a prototype based on the FF. Now Prisk Design decided to let them now how awesome such a thing could be and penned this Ferrari FF Off-road.

Do Want: Ferrari FF Off-road

On the face of it, the idea of a Ferrari FF Off-road SUV makes perfect sense. The FF has a very sophisticated all-wheel-drive system which already gives the car immense capabilities in dealing with rough terrain. What Prisk has done here jack it up a bit and fit the car with off-road bumpers and sills. How realistic or otherwise this idea is notwithstanding, what they have achieved here looks like a lot of fun.

But as is always the case with fun ideas, there are a couple of things wrong with the Ferrari FF Off-road. First of all, that sophisticated all-wheel-drive is not really designed to make the FF a Range Rover Rival. It has a second gearbox fitted to the front of the engine for the front axle, and it gets disconnected if you go too fast or engage fifth gear. So not very practical.

The other issues are with the cost and the image. A Ferrari on large chunky wheels and a winch at the front might look cool to us, but Ferrari clientele will scoff at this.

By: motorward

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