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Gute Neuigkeiten alle zusammen; Bugatti Chiron Safe ist von VW Budgetkürzungen

When VW announced that it will reduce its investment spending by €1 billion per year, everybody thought the future Bugatti Chiron will be axed, but fortunately, the hypercar project is still alive and kicking.

“Dieselgate” hit Volkswagen hard. So hard, in fact, that the German car manufacturer decided to re-prioritize its future projects, without offering too much details on the “delicate” matter.

Gute Neuigkeiten alle zusammen; Bugatti Chiron Safe ist von VW Budgetkürzungen

So, you can probably see why Volkswagen’s statement sparked a little bit of commotion regarding the future of the upcoming Chiron, which, by the way, will allegedly sport a $2.4 million price tag. But Jalopnik comes with reassuring news, reporting that Bugatti themselves say everything will continue as planned in spite of these major budged cuts.

Of course, Bugatti isn’t Volkswagen’s only subsidiary, but everybody’s thoughts immediately went to the biggest “money-exhausting” project in the entire group. And for good reason, because the Veyron, for example, was renowned for being one of the few cars that made a substantial loss for each unit sold. Sure, it wasn’t (and it still isn’t) an unheard-of practice in the motoring industry, but unlike Smart – which lost approximately $5000 per car – the Veyron reportedly registered an unbelievable deficit of $6.25 million per unit (2013 exchange rates).

Relax, don’t get too impatient, because the Chiron will allegedly debut in time, as planned, according to the magazine. By: Carscoops

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