Abstimmung Bugatti Einwickelwagen

Bugatti Veyron in Mirror Chrome bei Auto SuperShield eingewickelt

Auto SuperShield recently had an opportunity to wrap a Bugatti Veyron in a partial mirror chrome wrap for one of our Miami customers. The Bugatti was originally royal blue and black, but the owner wanted a more eye catching color scheme. You can’t get more eye catching than a bright, chrome wrap, so he chose to cover all the blue paint with silver chrome. Take a look at the wrap in progress at the Boca Raton installation center: Bugatti Veyron in Mirror Chrome bei Auto SuperShield eingewickelt

Some additional facts about this super car:
The production of Bugatti Veyron is really a technological and manufacturing feat of automobile engineering. The impressive specs had to meet a result that could be street legal and, with success, the Bugatti Veyron became the world’s fastest and most powerful street legal vehicle available in its time.

The asking price of a Bugatti Veyron is over a million dollars. Even though the price point is high, Bugatti will still take a loss as development and tooling costs exceed the price point. During 2005 – 2011, the Bugatti company sold a total of 316 Veyrons and later introduced the Grand Sport in 2009 and Super Sport in 2010.

Bugatti Veyron in Mirror Chrome bei Auto SuperShield eingewickelt

The Veyron 16.4 includes a 16 cylinder, 4 turbocharger engine capable of reaching 1,001 horsepower. It accelerates from start to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. The braking is even more impressive, stopping at zero from 60 mph in less than 2.3 seconds. Braking at speeds beyond 124 mph causes the rear spoiler to deploy as a air brake and boost deceleration values by 0.6 g for a total braking potential of 1.3 g.

In order to remain stable at high speeds, the Veyron is set with three speed dependent driving modes. In standard mode, at speeds under 136 mph, the vehicle drives with a completely retracted spoiler. Over 136 mph, in handling mode, the car lowers its ride height, deploys the rear spoiler, and opens two underbody flaps that create an additional 771 pounds of downward force, without compromising exceptional turn dynamics.

Beyond the 233 mph threshold, the car must be set to top speed mode beforehand, even before the engine is started. While the car starts at top speed mode, it can revert to handling mode if the steering wheel is turned more than 90 degrees when going over 35 mph or even if you touch the brakes. There are other physical features that activate during top speed mode. The rear spoiler completely aligns with the body and the diffuser flaps are shut to keep the underbody completely leveled. The car drops to a clearance of 2.6 inches above the ground on the front side and 2.8 inches in the backside. This reduces the car’s drag coefficient from 0.41 to 0.36 and to minimize strain on tires this configuration reduces the peak downward force from 771 – 120 pounds.

They specs described above are for the original Veyron 16.4. The other models such as the Veyron Grand Sport and Veyron Super Sport have slightly different specs. The Super Sport is currently the world’s fastest production car. By: autosupershield


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