BMW M2 GTS [Rendern]

Mixing two of BMW’s latest and greatest models, designer X-Tomi has come up with a proposal that is guaranteed to make M GmbH fans to whimper with want. BMW M2 GTS is what results if the new M4 GTS mates with the newer M2. It’s a naughty little thing you want to ride hard at the race track.

BMW M2 GTS [Rendern]

Now, we are not big fans of the new GTS styling, what with its silly wheels and wings and orange accents. But we have to say it does work rather well on this imaginary BMW M2 GTS. The compact size of the sports car welcomes with the massively flared wheel arches and the extra large aero parts. In some ways this car remind us the old racing 2002 models.

Although this is just a design proposal, and a fairly far-fetched one at that, we are going to go ahead and speculate on what sort of power BMW M2 GTS would have if they decided to build it.

It’ll most likely be the same straight-six twin-turbo unit in the normal models, but as per M4 GTS, it would have a water injection system fitted to its turbochargers. So one would expect a power output of over 400 horsepower. By: motorward

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