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BMW löst Konzept Stunt G 310 Stunt Bike

BMW’s “mad” week is here, and this magnificent concept confirms it.

The Bavarian company just launched the glacially-cool M4 GTS, but its Motorrad division broke the ice with an awesome bike at South America’s largest motorcycle Show.  BMW löst Konzept Stunt G 310 Stunt Bike

 Called the Concept Stunt G 310, this striking machine is the uncompromising interpretation of an aggressive and agile stunt bike. The compact beast was developed with inputs from Chris Pfeiffer – four times World and European stunt riding champion – who explained the bike’s concept, stating:

“Stunt riding is a demanding and multi-faceted sport. Ideally you need a compact, agile bike which is also stable and robust at the same time. You have to achieve the ideal balance between aggressiveness and control”

BMW löst Konzept Stunt G 310 Stunt Bike

The G 310’s compact proportions are possible due to its newly developed 1-cylinder engine which is inclined towards the rear, thus permitting an optimum placement in the motorcycle and a short wheelbase. The low-slung front and raised tail section offers fast and nimble changes of direction, while the muffler placed in an upright position underneath the seat, between the engine and the spring strut, doesn’t limit the rider’s freedom of movement. Mind you, BMW cautions that even if you don’t see it, the exhaust system is there and you can certainly hear it.

BMW löst Konzept Stunt G 310 Stunt Bike

Design-wise, BMW tried to implement a sense of movement and speed – even when the bike is stationary – by creating a “powerful three-dimensional design on its surfaces”. Of course, the rig follows the recipe of a stunt bike by centering its visual proportions and masses towards the engine block for an optimal center of gravity.

But you’re probably wondering what’s up with the bike’s paint scheme. Well, the color concept features the classic BMW motorsport color as a base in combination with the national colors of the Brazilian flag. The resulting neon-green hue is obviously there to attract attention, as the whole bike’s idea is to “show-off”.

BMW löst Konzept Stunt G 310 Stunt Bike

And thanks to the extensive stunt mods it can, especially as Pfeiffer brought his many years of experience as a stunt professional to BMW’s Motorrad Design Team in order to make it perform. For instance, it has a lockable throttle, and a slightly altered gear ratio to secure grater propulsive force to the rear wheels at low engine speeds. Moreover, it has an additional rear-wheel-brake lever which can be operated at the same time as the clutch.

Now all we need to do is see it perform. By: Carscoops

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