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BMW arbeitet an neuen Kunstwagen rund um M6 GT3

In 2017, BMW is set to unveil its latest art car, this time based around the brand new M6 GT3 race car.

BMW arbeitet an neuen Kunstwagen rund um M6 GT3

The German marque has produced a selection of iconic art cars since 1975 from the original 3.0 CSL through to the M3 GT3 art car of 2010. Throughout the decade, no less than 19 artists have worked on a BMW art car and for the M6 GT3 based model, it will be created by John Baldessari and Cao Fei.

Fei is the youngest person to work on a BMW art car having been born in 1978 while Baldessari is the oldest, being born in 1931.

At this stage, nothing is known about what the two artists are planning for the M6 GT3. For all previous art cars however, they’ve incorporated exceptionally bright and bold colours and designs so we expect no different for the 2017 model. By: GtSpirit

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