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BMW M9 Konzept, Gerüchte

The BMW M9 concept is one among the premium models ever constructed by the automaker. Some may vary in this outlook, but it is the individual perspective of everyone that matters. The enthusiasts had waited for a long time for this beautiful vehicle and at last, BMW has decided to release its new M9 for the 2016/2017 model year.

BMW M9 Konzept, Gerüchte

This plan has been constructed by Radion, an autonomous design studio. The Radion design has stood for this new BMW concept means of all its innovative technologies in the market. It is an updated model of all its ancestors. It is just similar to a BMW coupe in vision, but with all most modern technologies and with the completely new updated exterior and interior.


The entire external design of the 2016 BMW M9 concept has been planned by the Radion design. The headlights are designed with the LED technology, and are connected in sequence in a thin line, and they have been extended up to the radiator grille of the vehicle. At the rear, the taillights are also designed with the LED expertise that makes an immense impression on the new vehicle. The backlights have a L-shaped design. The roof has been made fashionable yet comfortable for a passenger of any height to sit comfortable inside the cabin it without any complexity, with the use of spotlights, as well. The new M9 comes with an elongated bonnet and a more athletic lock system. Overall, the entire exterior look of it is an absolute mixture of a sports sedan and GT by means of its fashionable long frontage and short backside.

BMW M9 Konzept, Gerüchte


The Interior of the BMW M9 concept is just a class separated from all of the earlier models. It comes as a two-seater sports sedan, but the space in the cabin is abundance by means of the adjustment in its seat according to the convenience. There is a recently modernized deck, together with battery chargers and music system, etc. Loads of additional interior features have been introduced in the new M9 that will be revealed by the BMW in future. Airbags and parking sensors have been improved by keeping the safety both the occupants and the vehicle in mind.

BMW M9 Konzept, Gerüchte


The BMW M9 is expected to be equipped with either a V8 or V12 engine in its elongated bonnet. To provide it a sporty touch, BMW has improved its maximum 320 km per hour. The overall weight is reduced because of which the velocity have been increased, together with the commanding engine. As its predecessors were equipped with an engine of capacity 4395 cc, it is predictable to be more power in the new M9.
The chassis and other sections are same as that of the other vehicles of M series. Competence of the new BMW concept is identical to that of all other vehicles, though being a sports sedan the fuel utilization may be slightly higher than other M series models.

BMW M9 Konzept, Gerüchte


The new BMW concept is expected to hit the dealerships for sale during the last quarter of 2016 with the initial price that will vary between $300,000 and $500,000. By: rumorcars

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