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Liberty Walk Audi S5 [Vorschau]

So Japanese tuner Liberty Walk is done celebrating the launch of their wide body Lamborghini Huracan at SEMA and is now focusing on other projects. Next they will release their wide Audi R8, after that a unique Maserati, and then after that one we get this, the awesome Liberty Walk Audi S5.

Liberty Walk Audi S5 [Vorschau]

In many ways Liberty Walk Audi S5 is going to be a more popular proposition than the aforementioned model, mainly because it is based on a car that is more affordable and more accessible to a wider range of customers. So chances are in about year or so we are going to see more wide body S5s on the streets than R8s and Granturismos.

As you can see in these preview pictures, Liberty Walk Audi S5 wide body is getting a full treatment complete with the signature bolt-on fenders, custom fenders, skirts, and aero kit consisting of a massive front splitter and a really cool ducktail rear spoiler. Presumably, you can order this kit for the high-performance Audi RS5 as well. Official launch is scheduled for Tokyo Auto Salon 2016.

Liberty Walk Audi S5 [Vorschau]

As is the case with all LB-Performance cars, the S5 will also get an Airrex air suspension, a set of ultra wide wheels and tires, and maybe even a sickeningly loud exhaust system as well. If you are going for that kind of width, you may as well go all the way and get all the goodies. By: motorward

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