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Audi startet personalisiertes Fahrzeug-Sharing-Programm

The new ‘Audi at home’ program will offer a ready-to-drive Audi fleet to residents of select properties at LUMINA luxury condominium in San Francisco and Four Seasons Residences in Miami.   Audi startet personalisiertes Fahrzeug-Sharing-Programm

The program is set to launch this week in both of the previously mentioned cities, where it will provide residences with a new way to experience the Audi brand. Currently, the LUMINA luxury condominium project is still under construction, but when it will be complete, it will be the first residential community on the West Coast to offer this service.

Aside from the Four Seasons Residences in Miami, the ‘Audi at home’ service will expand to other major US cities in the near future.

Audi startet personalisiertes Fahrzeug-Sharing-Programm

The vehicles will be prepped and brought to participating properties, where people will be able to instantly book either the S5 Cabrio, S7, SQ5, TT, Q7 or the RS5 Cabrio. All models are equipped with Prestige trim as well as 24/7 live customer care.

According to Mark Del Rosso, Audi USA VP, “Spontaneity, personalization and customization is core to the Audi at home service. It provides residents a truly premium experience that suits their daily life and needs, whether it’s a car for a quick getaway out of the city or an extra vehicle for visiting guests.”

Audi startet personalisiertes Fahrzeug-Sharing-Programm

In order to book a car, the process is rather simple. All you have to do is register through the property’s concierge and head over to the ‘Audi at home’ mobile website in order to reserve the model of your choice. After you’re finished with the car, simply return it to the property valet and that will be that – pretty efficient, right?

Audi startet personalisiertes Fahrzeug-Sharing-Programm

As for the rates, they’re charged either hourly or daily, covering services such as cleaning, fuel, insurance, local tolls and unlimited mileage. Another great feature of the program is that on-site vehicles are rotated on a regular basis, which means that residents will always have a fresh fleet at their disposal. By: Carscoops

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