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Frühere Design BMW M5 auf Savini Wheels

If you own a wide body Prior Design BMW M5, chances are you would like it to have a very brash exterior color so as to accentuate the body kit and make it pop. The owner of this widened M5, however, has had it with brash colors and decided to wrap it in a more sober color. The result is one of the most unique M5s in the world. Frühere Design BMW M5 auf Savini Wheels

 They sent the Prior Design BMW M5 to Impressive Wrap for a change of skin to gold metallic white – we’re guessing from blue. As usual, iW has done a spectacular job and the finished product looks like it has had a complete respray. The white wrap is complemented with gloss black grilles and clear taillights, plus a set of very high-end wheels.

Frühere Design BMW M5 auf Savini Wheels

Those wheels are a set of Savini rims with concave design in a unique matte bronze finish. So the owner didn’t want to let go of the showiness completely, after all. That said, the wheels make a very nice contrast with the white body and do not look particularly in-your-face. They just help the car look a little bit cooler.

Frühere Design BMW M5 auf Savini Wheels

As for the styling kit on this Prior Design BMW M5, the package consists of custom front and rear bumpers with a lip spoiler up front and a diffuser out back, unique PD front wings with flared arches and side vents, custom side skirts, rear wing, and rear wide fenders complete with door panels. By: motorward

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